Trellis Swansea

Add Character to Your Garden with Ornamental Trellis

Give scrambling and rambling plants a treat with our trellis

Square or diamond trellis? A narrow strip of trellis or free standing obelisks? The choice is yours. Plant honeysuckle, clematis or a scented rambling rose and by next summer you will have a glorious display to be proud of.

Installing trellis onto walls not only gives your favourite climbing plants something to cling to, it will also protect your brickwork from intrusive roots.  See our range of trellis Swansea at our showroom today

Square Trellis

Our square trellis panels are available in either straight or arched top panel. We also offer different sized gaps between the slats. 

Trellis Archways

Our sturdy arch trellis has been designed to create a stunning feature for any garden. With trellis sides and an apex frame, the arch is a perfect way for you to grow and display your climbing plants and flowers

Framed Trellis Screen

Not looking for a solid fence but want to define a part of your garden?  The trellis screen offers some privacy and is an excellent feature to your garden

Ornamental Diamond

Create enclosures, screens or feature structures in your garden with our diamond fencing panels. 

Ideal for climbing plants to grow up

Eaton's Fencing has everything you need to support your Plants.

The secret of a great garden is giving your plants the support they need to hold their heads up high. We have stakes, plant props, large and small plant loops, canes, twine and bean poles too.

Don’t let your plants droop; give them a lift with plant supports from Eaton’s Fencing.